About Winnieyippie

Hello! My name is winnie. I am a visual artist, illustrator, and toy designer under the alias of WINNIEYIPPIE. She is the creator behind this kawaii but angry, moody yet determined character name bubble butt girl (BBG)  in a colorful and happy world. 

Artist Bio 

Winnie Yip is a Singaporean artist born in 1993, who works as a visual artist, and toy designer under the name WINNIEYIPPIE. Her works explore concepts related to self-identity, vulnerability, relationships, and emotions. Often, Yip portrays her own image as a character in her pieces, as she grapples with the idea of coming of age.

Yip, a recipient of the prestigious Tay Chay Bing Scholarship throughout her studies, graduated in Fine Arts, Painting from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Her artwork has been featured in both local and global exhibitions since 2016. She has also recently concluded her second solo exhibition at Secret Fresh (Manila, Philippines 2023) .

In 2020, Yip ventured into designer toys, with the IP Bubble Butt Girl (BBG) and Cabbit. 

About BBG

A cute yet angry, moody yet determined character. Her designs have been featured in international custom shows and commercial projects such as Mercedes Benz (Singapore), Levis (Shanghai, China), Secret Fresh (Manila, Philippines).
Like this angry kid, who can be whoever she wants to be because the world is her oyster. I hope that bbg will continue inspiring you and gives you the courage to chase your dreams and passion despite the current circumstances that you are in.

About Cabbit 
Despite its somewhat surly stance, with arms folded in contemplative reserve and legs drawn in an almost protective curl, the Cabbit's true spirit is anything but aloof. A silent sentinel, its softness of fur is matched only by the tenderness of its soul, a softness that belies the tough exterior. The heart-shaped nose is the symbol of its silent vow: to be a soft refuge in a hard world. Although its posture might suggest a creature made for solitude, the Cabbit thrives on connection—albeit in its own, quiet way. It's said that on moonlit nights, the Cabbit's silhouette can be seen perched atop the city's rooftops, a silent overseer of the sleepless city.
Unveiling the Cabbit to the world, its story intertwines with that of the BBGs.While the BBGs are known for their bold escapades and lively spirits, the Cabbit offers a contrast – a figure of quiet reflection and empathy. It's not uncommon to find a BBG or two confiding in the Cabbit, sharing stories of their latest adventures or seeking solace in its comforting presence.

How I started

An independent artist inspired by things that surround my daily life and somewhat glorious childhood.  Starting from my love for quirky DIY culture is an act of rebellion against social norms and ideas. Through the works, I want to connect with people on a personal level and celebrate individuality in style.Not wanting to confine myself to merely structured space within the wall of a canvas, she started with installation art in 2016, then expanded to making wearable art, where people can afford art at their convenience. Eventually dabbling into the Art toy scene where I felt instinctively like my creative second home, an outlet where I can freely showcase YIPPIE'S world.

Her works explore concepts relating to self-identity, vulnerability, relationships, and feelings. The artist often considers the character an image of herself trying to come to terms with the idea of coming of age.

bbg is a fictional character and the boss behind the store where she enslaves human elves to get her job done.